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Discover Ischia, the Green Island

Founded in the 8th c. BC by the Euboean colonies under the name of Pithecusa, Ischia is the most ancient Greek colony in the western Mediterranean

It is the largest island in the archipelago of the Campania region, with a surface area of more than 46 sq. Km. Ischia faces the gulf of Naples and is part of the Phlegraean island group generated by powerful underwater volcanoes, along with Procida and the deserted Vivara. 

There are numerous occasions on the island for excursions between Scenic and Underground Naples, as well as the Vesuvius, Baia, Cuma, Paestum, Pompei and Herculaneum, as well as Caserta with its famous Royal Palace. Last, but not least, excursions are also available to the famous coastal jewels of Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Procida and the nearby Pontine islands, Ponza and Ventotene.

Ischia is a volcanic island and its jagged coasts, with their numerous peaks, headlands, inlets and wharfs, cover a perimeter of 35 Km.

The highest point in the hilly, semi-mountainous landscape soars at 788 m on Mount Epomeo. The island boasts luxuriant vegetation with large pine groves, widespread chestnut tree woods and fertile hills covered with citrus orchards and vineyards yielding precious wines. Ischia’s most striking feature are its green open spaces, unfolding in their various shades and characterizing the morphology of the entire territory. It makes an ideal habitat for the development and conservation of Mediterranean scrubland, thanks to highly favourable micro-climatic conditions. Each corner is striking, enchanting, seductive and as a final ode to nature’s abundance, Ischia has a mild climate all year round, so much so that it is known as “Italy’s climatic gem”.

Famous for its natural beauty, Ischia is also renowned for its rich thermal-mineral waters. The prodigious properties of Ischia’s waters have been well-known since ancient Roman times and even then, the island was probably one of the most famous thermal stations for the healing of both body and soul.

Throughout the year, the island acts as a backdrop for numerous events, folkloristic feasts and displays, classical and pop music concerts and theatre performances.

Mistress of the Mediterranean, Ischia has it all, generously providing naturalistic places of interest, numerous attractions and cues for excursions: a visit to Sant’Angelo harbour – a real jewel and the ideal setting for a romantic walk in the pastel-shaded village with breathtaking sunsets; the Aragonese Castle dominating the small village of Ischia Ponte; Lacco Ameno with its Fungo (mushroom-shaped rock) and ancient excavations; the Sanctuary of Santa Restituta; “La Mortella” gardens in Forio…and the list goes on.

Ischia is tradition, hospitality and undisputed beauty to be appreciated with your own eyes and enjoyed at your own pleasure. 

  • Thermal Parks

    Thermal Parks

    The Island of Ischia has one of the most ancient hydrothermal legacies in the world, with 69 groups of fumaroles and 29 groups of thermal springs that give rise to 103 springs spread over the 42 sq. km or so of the island territory


  • The Beaches

    The Beaches

    There are countless beaches in Ischia, most of them sandy